Pioneers of American Bonsai

Mirai is a premier full-service American bonsai nursery and school located just outside of Portland, Oregon. The secluded garden and facilities are overseen and operated by Bonsai Professional Ryan Neil and his wife, Chelsea. Through his rigorous six-year apprenticeship under world-renowned Bonsai Master Mr. Masahiko Kimura (of Saitama prefecture, Japan), Ryan obtained a deep and refined knowledge of the history, practice and art of bonsai. With an honest approach and American innovation, Ryan is now pushing the limits of what bonsai can be.

Enjoy the collection

The Garden

Tucked away on a wooded hillside outside of Portland, Oregon, Mirai compels you to step out of your busy, day-to-day hustle and bustle.  To breathe the fresh air deeply.  To notice a branch on a tree placed just so.  To listen to the melody of raindrops coursing down the rain chains.  To take in the expansive view of the Columbia River valley and Mt. Hood in the distance.  Walking through the garden and grounds of Mirai calls forth a serenity, a clarity that is unique to this place.  

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